Women Change Their Voices To Entice Men Into Sex

Animals in nature use fancy feathers or dances to attract potential mates, but as humans, we’re stuck with using opening lines to make a first impression. And in a recent study about different aspects of courtship, researchers found that people tend to lower their voices when competing for a partner, but it’s the women, not men, who are doing it.

A group of European researchers used 30 heterosexual singles between the ages of 20 and 40 in two speed-dating events to study their competitive behaviors. They expected men would use a deeper voice when introduced to a potential female mate, since previous research shows women prefer a “more masculine tone.” But scientists were surprised to find it was the women who drop their voice into a deeper, huskier one when talking to men they were interested in sexually.

The results of the research contradict the idea that women everywhere “feminize their voices” to their preferred potential partners. And it turns out, men preferred women who spoke with a “lower minimum pitch.” So if you have a low sexy voice you use when you’re attracted to someone, keep on using it, science says it’s working.

Source: New York Post

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