We’re Closer To A “Superhuman” Race Than We Thought


Scientists at Harvard are getting closer to figuring out how to create “superhumans.” By using the gene editing technique, CRISPR, the tool could be used to alter DNA sequences. This could allow people to choose their childrens’ sex, height, weight, even strength.

If the technology advances, it could be able hack memories and adjust our bodies to withstand extreme environments. Using CRISPR could create “designer bodies” much like that of fictionalized characters like Captain America. Juan Enriquez, founder of the Life Sciences Project at Harvard Business School believes this could quickly become a reality. He says, “Instead of letting nature select what lives here, I’m going to select what lives here.”

Another theory for developing “superhumans” is creating a human/AI hybrid. Renowned futurist, Ian Pearson thinks that artificial intelligence is “billions of times” smarter than humans and something needs to be done. “We really do need to make sure that we have some means of keeping up,” says Pearson. “The way to protect against that is to link that AI to your brain so you have the same IQ…as the computer.” The safety of these procedures is still being pulled into question. 

Source: NY Post

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