Mom Becomes Pregnant With Son’s Baby So That He And Wife Can Start A Family

It’s very natural to want to become a parent once you have chosen someone to settle down with. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to start a family without having to contend with a few relentless obstacles thrown their way. Here in this article, we have covered a very unusual but true story that will blow your mind.

Here is the story of a mom who became pregnant with son’s baby so that he and wife have a family. Let’s take a look!Twenty-nine-year-old Kayla Jones from Texarkana, Arkansas, for instance, was desperate to have children with her husband Cody, after getting married in 2012.

Kayla then learned that she would not be able to have children naturally – if she and her husband wanted to have children who were biologically related to them, someone else would have to carry them.

So Kayla and Cody went on the hunt for potential surrogate mothers but to no avail. “All of our options [for surrogates] had run out,” Kayla explained Luckily, Cody’s 49-year-old mother, Patty Resecker, was very willing to be the couple’s surrogate.

Despite Resecker’s last pregnancy being over 20 years ago, she had no qualms about going through it all again, so that her son and daughter-in-law could finally realize their dream of becoming parents

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