Chris Cornell TV Doc Episode Will Explore Death Theories

Autopsy: the Last Hours Of Chris Cornell,” a new television drama documentary episode exploring the day of Chris Cornell’s passingis set to premiere on August 12th. Now, more details have surfaced revealing that the episode will cover some alternative theories about his cause of death.

One of the most popular theories that will be explored in the episode surrounds reports of head trauma allegedly noticed by paramedics. Medical examiner Dr. Michael Hunter, not to be mistaken with the doctor who performed Cornell’s autopsy, says during the special that it’s unclear whether he actually suffered the injury, being that footage supposedly showing the rocker’s head during a concert is inconclusive. He also says that it’s “common” for injuries suggested by first responders to later by found misreported.

Cornell’s widow isn’t as doubtful, however. Back in May, she mentioned the head trauma to Detroit Newssaying she still isn’t convinced by the suicide ruling. She notes that a couple of EMS reports that cited “laceration to the back of the skull” were left out of the autopsy report.

Source: Alternative Nation

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