All Scheduled Upcoming Marvel Releases And How Excited You Should Be

With the success of the franchises, it’s clear that we’re all going to be watching movies from the Marvel Comic Book Universe until we’re dead and gone . Here’s what’s coming out, how excited you should be for it:

14 “Gambit”/March 2020 – We know that Channing Tatum’s supposed to be in it, but it’s been a mess with three different directors attached to it…and nothing’s been shot yet, supposedly.

13 “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”/June 2019 – How much farther can it go after the loss of “Wolverine,” the mocking of “Deadpool,” and high-profile actors moving on?

12 “Venom 2”/(TBA) – The first one didn’t exactly blow the pants off audiences…even though it was “technically” a hit.

11 “Doctor Strange 2”/(2021) – The first one was fantastic. Can the magic be bottled-up a second time?

10 “The New Mutants”/(August 2019) – This is the one that could save the “X-Men” brand from the earlier-mentioned problems.

9 “Black Widow”/2020 – This one’s rumored to have an R-rating, which could make it much more interesting.

8 “Guardians Of The Galaxy 3”/(TBA) – So, we’re thinking they live after what happened in “Infinity War”?

7 “Shang-Chi”/(TBA) – The first Marvel movie with a leading character who’s Asian. It was only announced last month.

6 “The Eternals”/(2020) – This one will usher in a new era of Marvel entertainment with “otherworldly beings” who have “supernatural everything.”

5 “Captain Marvel”/(March 2019) – A female lead was the only area where they’ve been beaten by DC, and it’s about time – and it looks fantastic.

4 “Spider-Man: Far From Home”/(July 2019) – A school trip to Europe’s interrupted by Mysterio. Hopefully, they can keep the energy up, and not succumb to Spidey-fatigue.

3 “Black Panther 2”/(TBA) – The follow-up to what’s now the 3 rd highest-grossing film…ever.

2 “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2”/(2020) – The potential of this animated series is literally limitless.

1 “Avengers:End Game”/(April 2019) – There’s a lot to be excited about here. Who will live? What characters will be retired? How do they handle Thanos? The excitement for this is palpable…and the reaction – deafening.

Source: Men’s Health

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