Bathroom Confessions

As much as we may not like having to use a public bathroom, it’s a safe bet everyone’s had to do it. Sure the experience can be downright gross, even embarrassing, but once in a while they can actually be pretty funny, and when that happens you just have to share.

Well, that’s exactly what’s occurring in a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app. Folks are confessing to some of their most hilarious experiences they encountered in a public bathroom, and they are pretty darn funny.

Among the confessions:

“In the public bathroom at work and just heard another lady come out of the stall and sigh, ‘ah that felt good.’ Glad everything came out okay for her.”

“I once held up a restroom line at a restaurant because I thought someone was in there. Turns out I didn’t turn the handle all the way to open it.”

“When I was opening a pad in the bathroom I heard a little girl ask her mom why I was eating chips in the bathroom.”

“I once walked into the male restroom at a train station. Well, I was doing my business and let one rip and then heard ‘nice one’ from the stall next to me. When I emerged the look on his face was priceless.”

“I once accidentally followed a guy into the male restroom thinking it was the way to the train station platform.”

“There was a kid in the bathroom stall next to me at daycare. I heard ‘Ready? Aim. Shoot!’ Then he started peeing. I have never laughed harder in my life.”

“I started singing in a public bathroom and didn’t realize someone else was in there until I heard an awkward cough next to me.”

 “I was in a public restroom once, and this little girl stuck her head under the stall door and watched me pee with a serious expression the entire time. I didn’t know what to do so I just went with it.”

“I heard a couple going at it in a public bathroom. So naturally I banged on the door and yelled ‘the cops are coming run!’ just to watch them panic and run away.”

“Was in a Wal-Mart bathroom today and heard a talkative little girl say ‘mommy are you pooping?' and later say ‘mommy are you done pooping?’”

Source: Whisper

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