My Thoughts on Chester Bennington's Suicide

The world has lost another rock superstar in Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. This is becoming a regular thing it seems anymore. Rock star kills themselves, the world gets sad, moves on, repeat cycle. The story is always the same. People get sad for their own reasons but it generally includes the music that will never be played by that person again/the new music that will never come from said person. Although I am sad that he felt the need to commit the finalizing/irreversible act of suicide, from the outside looking in it looks like he had time to think of it and set it up to coincide with Chris Cornells birthday, unless it was just COMPLETE coincidence. We hear this all too often, life gets tough, depressing, so instead of trying to fix it, a gun goes off, too much of a drug is taken or a rope is tied around a neck.

If everything is the way it appears at the moment, this was a completely selfish act from someone who had 6…yes, 6 kids. So in order for you to feel at peace, you needed to destroy the lives of your children, giving them no say at all? Some people die too soon at no fault of their own (car accidents, terminal disease etc.) and beg for just one more day with their family and he throws his away with no regard for any of children’s feelings? Chester once said this when asked why he left Stone Temple Pilots:

“The only reason I’m not doing it now is because my kids would cry every time I’d go on the road with STP.” Bennington explained that when he left to tour with Linkin Park, his kids understood. “But when I’d leave with STP, they’d cry,” he said. “I think they thought I was choosing to do that over being at home with them. It was just too hard on my family. So I was like, ‘You know what? I’ve got to stop being selfish here. When I’m not doing Linkin Park, I’ve got to be at home with my babies.’”

So choosing to end your life was way less selfish then going out on the road with STP? He had the mindset to choose his kids over a band but couldn’t when faced with the choice of ending his life?

I understand there are a lot of true Linkin Park fans out there that are just sad at the whole ordeal in general. He will immortalize as legend for dying while he was young like so many others that have in the past. The music just has a different feel to it once someone is gone. When it comes to the real stuff in life, family, friends - he has torn apart more lives so he could be a peace with his own demons. Who is that fair too?

Get help – life is only once, there is no coming back. When it’s over, it’s over. Not you, but everyone you leave behind has to deal with it.


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