Best Fast Food Fries Ranking

The food experts at Thrillist, have put their fries expertise to the test. Fortunately, you get to be the beneficiary of their knowledge and research. That way, you don’t have to waste your time. Just a word of warning here, though. This is a ranking of the actual fries. It doesn’t matter how good the chili and cheese, ketchup, or whatever the hell you put on them is. This is about potatoes, dammit! With that said…here goes:

16.In-N-Out – the low end of the fry spectrum

15.Wendy’s – dipping them in a Frosty makes them salvageable, but not solo

14.Sonic – opt for the tots

13.Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.  

12.Popeye’s – if you’re gonna carb-out, you’re better served with a biscuit 

11.Burger King – opt for the onion rings

10.White Castle – not bad for crinkle-cuts


8.Steak ‘n Shake – thin and tasty, but eat them quick before they get cold


6.Whataburger – high marks on the crinkle-meter

5.Shake Shack – higher marks on the crinkle-meter

4.Chick-Fil-A – waffle fries are a revelation

3.Five Guys – near perfection, and they tend to give you “bonus” fries

2.McDonald’s – the most consistent fry out there…possibly years of conditioning

1.Arby’s – Even Jon Stewart couldn’t kill the majesty of the curly fry.

Now, put on the elastic pants, and do some taste-testing of your own!

Source: Thrillist

Close up of french fries.

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