Seether's Corey Lowery collaborates with Upon Wings for "Amazing Grace"

As the world shelters in place to prevent the spead of coronavirus Upon Wings are sharing their brand new version of "Amazing Grace" and they've gotten a helping hand from Seether's Corey Lowery.

Upon Wings singer Anne Erickson says, "'Amazing Grace' is such an iconic song, and it's a song of hope. I had no plans to record it, but as the coronavirus situation progressed, I felt inspired to do so, seeing how it became an anthem for those on the front lines. Corey did a great job with the music and really made the song come to life. It's a difficult time for people across the world, and I hope this song offers some comfort."

The band is offering the new single as a free download at their website and are asking those who are able to donate to their favorite charities of choice.

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