Motley Crue's Tommy Lee kicked out of restaurant.

Well, all is right with the world again. A member of Motley Crue is still acting like an imbecile in public.

Drummer Tommy Lee claims that he and his 12th or so wife Brittany were asked to leave famous New Orleans restaurant Emeril's earlier this week due to Tommy’s refusal to take off his baseball cap.

The 56 (not 16…)-year-old rocker and his wife spoke about the incident with TMZ and the missus said, “It was actually really stupid. We literally go in there and we sit down and the waitress, or the host or whatever, goes, 'Yeah, you have to take your hat off, sir.' So [Tommy] was, like, 'Oh, what the f**k' and took it off and put it on his lap, and then this guy comes up to our table — we have no problem, the hat's off everything's cool — and is, like, 'Excuse me, I heard you use profanity', to which Tommy responded: "You know what? F**k you. We're leaving."

Well, I guess he showed them.

Motley Crue has had a TON of huge hits, but some of their greatest performances have come offstage and outside of the recording studio.

Here are some of the bands most awesome antics and five more reasons why Motley Crue is THE best at being THE worst. Now and forever.


5. Vince Neil vs. Glass

Singer/hothead Vince Neil has kicked so much ass that his hip is probably in need of replacing. In this 2012 video his victim isn’t another human – for once – but an innocent window. Knock ‘em Dead, Kid!!

4. Tommy Lee’s Kid Rock beatdown

Of course, it was over a chick. Years after she divorced Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson, the Baywatch wax figure married Kid Rock, a fellow only slightly better behaved than the Crue drummer. Well, the day came when they found themselves face to face at the 2007 MTV VMAS. And…

3. Mick Mars shoots a broad...accidentally.

Normally the only thing The Motleys shoot off is their mouths but unfortunately for guitarist Mick Mars’ then-girlfriend it wasn’t a sharp word that ricocheted off of a rock and into her abdomen. It was a freaking bullet from a freaking firearm. One that was illegally fired, no less. Thankfully, no video exists of this incident, but given the way Mars flips out on his guitar in this clip, it’s probably for the best.

2. Crueci-won’t-fly

The most self-indulgent and boring part of Motley Crue’s Final Tour staging was the 9+ minute drum solo where Tommy Lee’s drumset roller coaster, cringeworthily named “The Cruecifly”, would spin and rotate (at a snail’s pace) high above the audience. It was long, it was loud, and kinda boring. So naturally it broke down and halted the Crue’s last-ever concert for nearly 15 minutes. Rock on!

1. Nikki Sixx vs. Japan

Motley’s bassist and mastermind Nikki Sixx is no stranger to trouble. From fights with Los Angeles cops, to OD’ing on heroin and inciting riots – Nikki’s done it all. His crowning achievement in rabble rousing came during the band’s 1987 tour of Japan. Where to start? Just watch...