Metal Band Selling '2020 Sucks' Mask That Puts a B*tthole on Your Face!

During the pandemic a lot of people have been getting creative with their mask. Whether they are making their own or ordering them online from a favorite band or TV show it has become “Cool” to wear a mask.

Well the band Cattle Decapitation has decided to join the trend with their new “2020 Sucks” face mask. But it’s not just the front that has a design, the “back” side adds to the ridiculousness by placing a butthole against your mouth.

Thank Metal Band "Cattle Decapitation" for this gem.

The front of the mask offers a hastily designed collage that features the band’s logo set against a coronavirus sphere alongside images of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, a torn ticket to “Literally All Shows”, Tiger King star Joe Exotic, and a “Karen”. Also included is a picture of televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who recently claimed to have destroyed coronavirus and ended the pandemic.
But wait, there’s more! The mask is two-sided, with the back showing an actual photo of a human butthole. Yes, if you choose to wear the mask as directed, you’ll have to do so with the knowledge that your nose and mouth are pressed against an anus. If you reverse it, you’ll freak out a lot of people at the supermarket or wherever else your socially distant travels take you.

photo: getty images

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