Drone Delivers Wine To Couple Stranded On Quarantined Cruise Ship

A couple from Australia managed to get two cases of wine delivered to their stateroom, despite the fact their cruise ship is currently quarantined off the coast of Japan due to the coronavirus outbreak.

When Jan and Dave Binskin, who are from Queensland, learned they would be confined to their stateroom on the Diamond Princess for at least two weeks, they knew they were going to need some wine to survive the boredom. They reached out to Naked Wine Club and managed to arrange to have two cases of wine delivered via drones.

The drone flew up to the ship and delivered the wine right to their ocean view cabin.

"Naked Wine Club your [SIC] incredible just got the First Drop Thank God For Drones the Japanese Coast Guard did not know what the F*** was going on," the couple wrote on a shared Facebook page documenting their time in quarantine.

The next day, they shared a photo of a bottle of wine, asking, "Do people still believe in fairy tales?"

Officials confirmed that 174 people on the ship have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. The patients were taken to the mainland for treatment. There are roughly 3,600 passengers and crew members still under quarantine on the ship. Authorities hope to lift the quarantine by February 19.

Photo: Facebook

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