Man Tweets Dark But True Love Story And It's The Sweetest Thing Ever

These days, most stories about how couples met deal with either an online dating app or mutual friends, but occasionally, there is one that is just a little more unique. A writer in the U.K. who goes by the name Sixth Form Poet shared his meet cute and he can rest assured knowing no one will ever have a tale like his. It's a roller coaster of a story filled with sadness, suspense and of course, love, and he managed to put it all out in just ten tweets.

The story begins at a graveyard as the writer was visiting his late father:

Here's where things get a little interesting:

Brace yourself:

You might see where this is going now:

And here's what you've been waiting for:

It's a pretty amazing story, and one the writer swears is true. He goes on to tell two more, which are just as interesting and lovely, and you can read them here.

Photo: Getty Images